I’ve written before about how much I love games, poker, and every type of wager.  I can’t imagine much that could make the sexy game of poker sexier.  But it’s important never to say never, and now a lovely, kinky friend of mine has designed the back of this deck of fetish-and-Mardi-Gras-themed poker cards.  She and three other artists have all chipped in to create the face cards–masked men and women in bondage or doing lovely, awful, wonderful, nasty things to each other.  Robbie and I have joked for months about how these are the real definition of stocking stuffers, and now the cards are out, just in time for the holidays.  $20 per deck, available through the Deck of Art.  I get nothing in kickbacks, but I do confess that I’m hoping for a little smooch for being such a good girl this year.  *Mwah* to the lovely tartdesweet, whose own paintings can be found on her website.


From Italian design shop Itunube, little cuffs for your wrist–kind of like wrist collars, but better.  I do seem obsessed with this type of thing.  Robbie says he will get me all of it, and more, when he wins the lottery.  So basically any day now.

(Actually, neither of us is very big on conspicuous consumption–we just like to think we’d do it well if we ever needed to.)

Bracelaces, $25 through my beloved Lost at E Minor; more amazing jewelry and design items at the Itunube site.

Merry Christmas to all!

Here’s to a joyous day, with only the appropriate amount of peeking . . .


. . . is to have a good time during the time I spend with Robbie.  I’m broke, so’s he, and like many people, we feel irresponsible buying lots of expensive sex toys gifts this year.

And yet . . . my love of floggers, which is only a recent discovery, continues to grow.  We have some floggers R. made by hand, from rope, but they do not have the impact, visual or physical, of something like this 27″ Plait Leather Flogger with Braided Handle, from Northbound Leather.  (I don’t even know if this flogger is good, actually, but I am pretty sure someone hit me with at least one Northbound product once, and that it was divine.)


This flogger is $154.00.  Anyone know of anything substantial for half that price or less that will not disintegrate?  I would be so very grateful, I assure you.


I am back in my own home after two and a half months of wandering. Wow.

It’s somewhat less exciting than I thought it would be. And definitely hotter (as in: temperature in August) than I remembered. My cats are thinner, though, and they smell better; that’s got to be good. And I feel . . . solid. Grounded.

The catsitters who were living here over the summer left me some things to help ease my transition back into My Regular Life. Basmati rice; power bars; a lot of booze–all the essentials.

Oh, and one more essential, oddly located on the floor, next to the extension cords for the computer . . .

A giant, black, gleaming rubber butt plug.

(Not unlike this beauty, from Eden Fantasy.)

I wonder if they were trying to tell me something??

I took a minute to shuffle some of the links under “visual bliss” at the bottom of my blogroll–and I added, among other things, modfetish, which was the source of the Deseo “samurai girl” illustration below.

We’re trying some new things around here too . . . and seeing how they go. A change of pace can be a good thing, I keep repeating to myself.

By the way, Deseo sells cute and curvy tank tops, for those of you looking for new things to add to your summer wardrobes, as well as half-a-dozen prints (including this pouty little samurai).

A few people in my life have cause for celebration today . . . they know who they are.


Bottoms up, boys n’ girls!!!

Martini on PinkMilk‘s tab.

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