We were sitting on the porch, in candlelight, maybe a month, two months, into us. Robbie turned to me with an awed expression on his face. “You get me, don’t you? I mean you really get me?”

{Like I’m going to tell my new lover that I don’t get him? }

“I think so,” I said, and gave what I hoped was a Mona Lisa smile. What I was thinking was: I get that you are as addicted to dominating me, in every way, as I am to submitting to you. And: I get that you are falling in love with me as much as I am with you.

More than two years later, I know that I do get him, more than most people get him. And he gets me so much–more than I get myself, sometimes. We get each other so well we almost don’t need to talk about things. (We do spend a lot of time talking, though, trying to understand that 2 or 3% of things we don’t get about each other, the pea under the mattress that makes us toss and turn in our sensitive sleep. It takes so long to find it among all the stuff we know and understand about each other that we grow impatient with each other, and bored, and annoyed.) But then something happens that lets us catch a glimpse of the other around the corner again, and it’s so tempting . . .

Yesterday he sent me a picture that reminded me that yes, I get him. And that he gets me too.

Do click to see the image more clearly. It’s worth it. Or go to the artist’s account on Deviant Art. There she describes how a friend, who likes to think of himself as a dragon, asked her to paint a picture of a woman warrior playing him at strip poker.

As the artist said: “Of course, the dragon will win.”

Of course. This is us. He knows how much I love games, love to compete with him and to take a dare. And he knows that, in the end, I very, very much want him to win. It’s just a question of when and how.

I love how amused the dragon looks in this painting. He could strip this woman with a flick of his claws, if he wanted to, but he’s enjoying the game. And I love how serious the woman looks. She has dignity. But she’s put down her sword–she’s not fighting this. She entered into the game willingly, and she’s going to see it to the end. A finely matched pair, don’t you think? (Or perhaps just a straight flush . . . )

Painting by darknatasha.