May 2009


Contrary to my expectations, I had a terrific time visiting Robbie.  We got along really well–only one small tiff, by my count, probably more by his–and I really enjoyed his company.  I’m going to go see him again in another week, and I’m looking forward to it.  More about that soon.

One of the good things about this visit was that I got to show him one of my two new corsets.  They are really beautiful–so beautiful I’m almost scared to wear them–and the one I’ve gotten enough nerve to put on looks great on me.

I put it on for Robbie and he was salaciously appreciative.  He enjoyed me and my corset most thoroughly.  The next day,  I put it on again and came downstairs for breakfast, feeling more than a little embarrassed at being hugely overdressed for a country house at 10am on a Saturday.

I needn’t have been embarrassed.  As soon as he saw me, he literally did a double-take.  The last time I saw him do that while looking at me was about 3 years ago, when I came down for dinner on his birthday in a long skirt, silk shirt, and stockings with garters.  (Apparently, he later managed to convey to me, he can perceive garters under my skirts at an almost instinctual level.)

It was good to see him gazing at me like that again.  It’s nice to feel valued in his eyes.

No big point here–I’m just warming up to start posting again.

Photo by and of the talented Katie West of Avolare.


Here’s what I know about My schedule for the next two weeks:

After I write this, I’m taking a nap.

Thursday I’m free.

Friday, May 8, I have to send My best friend an e-card for her birthday and take the dog to get a bath.  I will be available in the afternoon and early evening; contact Me soon.

This weekend, May 9 and 10, I hope to go for drinks with someone who refuses to call me back, so it may turn out that I actually have time.  If you’ve been trying (and failing) to go out with Me, and can risk being stood up for someone I like better, text me.

Thursday, May 14, I’m going to go see Robbie, and he’s going to fuck me blind.  As a result, from Tuesday, May 18 to Thursday, May 20, I will only be accepting appointments to have My feet worshipped.


Over the summer in general, My plans are ill-defined and amorphous, but like everyone fabulous, I have an array of parties, events, and jaunts to resorts to keep me busy.  July weekends in particular are looking pretty iffy for me.  I can’t keep track of all of them, but you can, by consulting My calendar.

I hope that’s helpful to My legions of admirers.

Photos via Male Submission Art.


My wonderful and generous internet buddy trinity-pup “gave” me this sexy blogger award (aka meme).  Because I adore her and because she and her latex catsuit are sexy indeed, I am now addressing the challenge of listing 5 sexy things about myself.

I have a hard time knowing what is sexy about myself.  I know what I think is pretty or attractive or even beautiful about myself, but that is because my other women notice it and tell me.  It’s not usually what men find sexy.

Robbie gave me the best understanding I have of what is sexy about me.  He told me all the time why I was sexy–not just to flatter me but because he really wanted me to understand and see it in myself, I think.  Or maybe to get into my pants, again, and again and again.

In any case, seeing myself through his eyes was a wonderful experience.  So here is what Robbie would say was sexy about me:

1.  My breasts.  He once told me that I have “nearly perfect” breasts.  I don’t see anything imperfect about them; they have always been ample without being saggy.  I have have medium-sized brownish-pink nipples that are very sensitive but can also take a lot of pain and tugging and all that good stuff.

I have spilling-out-of-my-dress breasts.

2. lipsMy mouth, which according to Robbie is “generous”.  This is, I assume, his way of telling me I have a big mouth.  (It’s genetic–people in my family can fit god-awfully large objects into their mouths, and I am no exception.)  It’s also his way of saying that I give good and plenteous head, which I hope is true.  My lips are full and I have a big, open smile, which makes me happy, or more accurately, is the result of my happiness.

3.  My mind.  It’s pretty devious at times.

4.  The fact that I orgasm easily.  For a long time it would never have occurred to me that this was sexy, but that’s because I wasn’t having sex in front of, or with, multiple people.  Having been parties where I have come without much provocation, I can say that people seem to find this aspect of me sexy.  You’d think they’d never heard anyone moan in ecstasy before.

5.  And my favorite: the way I walk.  I don’t know that it actually looks good, but it feels great. I learned to walk this way when I was living in Paris.  It used to drive me crazy to see French women walking all over Paris with these impossibly sexy, runway walks and haughty expressions.  They were doing some kind of rolling thing with their pelvises, like pivoting on an imaginary dildo as they walked.  So I copied them, and when I am feeling sexy, I walk like that.  That walk makes me feel sexier, and feeling sexy, as everyone knows, is the best way to be sexy.

The first day I met Robbie I put on this sexy French saunter as I was walking towards his car, with him behind me, and he told me later that he had noticed my hips swaying.  He said at that moment all he could think about was ass-fucking me.  My take on it is that he would have thought about ass-fucking me the first chance he had to look at my ass, however I was walking.  I’m just that ass-fuckable.

* * * * *

I’m incredibly grateful to trinity-pup for linking to me; I’ve had a total block about what to write and this was a good way to get going.  So I’m going to send the award to four sexy ladies who have written about how they occasionally get stuck for something to say, or are particularly stuck now.

~ mia.  we all want to know how things are going with you and the radiator–are they hot and heavy?

~ kitten in change.  I know you’re sexy, with or without the slavery.

~ penny.  sexy in a freeform way.  😉

~ hannah.  Incredibly beautiful, incredibly sexy, a fabulous sex-positive role-model, and incredibly quiet at the moment.