As I mentioned before, I am a kind of librarian. Like many people who blog, I trawl the web–to say nothing of other, even less reputable locales–for tidbits of information, pieces of news, writing, photographs, images, ideas, and stories that might entice or entertain. Usually I file these away to include for an epic future post that never gets written.

So I decided to start a little series of these items, as much for myself and for my lover as for anybody–an easy way to bookmark things with more context and nicer graphics than links alone provide.

Card Catalogue

I’m thinking of it as a subject guide to topics of interest . . . a kind of kinky kard katalogue. (No, I didn’t type that. You’re seeing things.)

* * *

I’ve long known about Liberator sex furniture and wondered about its many possible uses (or non-uses, as the case may be). I’ve also known about the company’s website, which has sported a variety of extras over the past few years, including high-gloss fetish photography and kinky e-cards.

Many of those particular extras are gone as far as I can tell, but the site is still worth a browse.  I especially like the videos it hosts that give short introductions to tantra. Robbie and I have, individually and together, been interested in tantra for a long time.  We’ve only scratched the surface.  But I tried one or two of the massage techniques in these videos on him during our dirty weekend . . . and we can both vouch for them.