In an effort to throw off the winter blahs, I’ve been window shopping (the window’s the computer screen).

I particularly get off on visiting regular, yuppie, upscale stores and thinking about the pervertibility of their wares. Okay, yes, I’m dull–I believe I already admitted that.

But just look . . .

whatgoesaroundcomesaroundA DillonRogers cuff that says something naughty (I think “what goes around comes around” is pretty good, actually) would be cool.

And then next, say, a Coach keychain for the locks to some high-price leg shackles–maybe the ones from AtlantaBondage.

And just plain sexy stuff: new vibrators, a corset (I have just the one picked out), some staples (boyshorts, garters, stockings, balconette bras) . . . skirts so he can reach up them . . .

When we win the lottery. Yep.