. . . is to have a good time during the time I spend with Robbie.  I’m broke, so’s he, and like many people, we feel irresponsible buying lots of expensive sex toys gifts this year.

And yet . . . my love of floggers, which is only a recent discovery, continues to grow.  We have some floggers R. made by hand, from rope, but they do not have the impact, visual or physical, of something like this 27″ Plait Leather Flogger with Braided Handle, from Northbound Leather.  (I don’t even know if this flogger is good, actually, but I am pretty sure someone hit me with at least one Northbound product once, and that it was divine.)


This flogger is $154.00.  Anyone know of anything substantial for half that price or less that will not disintegrate?  I would be so very grateful, I assure you.