No posts here of late because I am blue lately . . . extra blue.

Lots of little reasons and some big reasons . . . and reasons I can’t even explain to myself.

We are good and we are on a roller-coaster–same old same old, but different–better, I think. Closer and more true–but harder, peeling back the egg-shell layers that protect us from each other, getting down to the vulnerabilities, to the real, sensitive spots.

And I am tired, ready for spring–we both are–probably everyone is, I think.

I also have much I want to say here . . . backed up, backlogged.

But there is some kind of lingering sadness . . . not sure where it will go.

Maybe I need some Miles Davis . . .


Until then Marcelo Aquilio’s work will have to do.

I told him about this little place.

He likes it.

He even took the quiz.

And so, for him, and for anyone else who happens to stumble upon this blog with nothing better to do but to research your own sexual interests . . . I offer you the quiz that will answer that urgent question:

Do I have an inclination for BDSM?

You know you want to fritter. Aw, go for it.

(I read about this at subtle slavegirl. She turns out to be a submissive . . . yay for her.

I on the other hand am a profound exhibitionist/voyeur . . .

Beautiful Day

. . . who loves bondage. To each her own . . . )

Thanks to the talented Alex Lee for the photo . . . what a find, via Cu-Cu.

violin.jpgStop the violins now . . .

Inserting images was hardly the drama it seemed. You’d think I didn’t know how to follow directions . . . hehe.

I get off on pictures.  I don’t mean just sexually, although the right image can set off all kinds of sparks in my mind.  Porn, erotica, vintage nudes, fine art with nekkid people in it . . . even silly cartoons make up the way I perceive the world.  My life has its own little slide show the way others have their personal soundtracks.

So I really want to be able to post pictures here.  Like, yesterday.  I just need to figure out how.  And you know, something in my spider sense tells me I need to use that little “Insert/edit image” icon . . . somehow, some way.