I may well be a sex blog addict.

I realized this after I spent my usual hour or so trawling through my favorites yesterday morning before (eventually) heading to work. A decade ago I would have spent that hour running or reading about international politics, but times change.

A decade ago, of course, I was not “gettin’ it regular”, as he puts it–and at the moment I am not quite getting it regular either, both because we haven’t seen each other in what feels like too long and because I seem to have lost my solo-sex mojo. (Yes, I’m trying to say I haven’t jerked off in awhile. I can’t believe I just typed that. I can’t believe I’m leaving it. But I figure I have to put something sexual in here . . . .)

So in addition to helping me think through this thing called BDSM, blogs at the moment are my erotic release. Must be, because after the hour was up and I realized my fleece pajamas were soaked through.


Part of the series “Film Stories,” from JYLSC Photography, via Fluffy Lychees