A mutual friend recently mentioned to Robbie that she found both of us to be equally “batty”.  This friend uses words like batty and yummy; that’s the kind of person she is.  She’s adorable.  Think Betty White about two decades younger, and you have the image of this friend of ours.  Because she is as funny to us as Betty White is to the rest of the world, Robbie and I fell down laughing at this description of us.  Robbie was inspired enough to send me a pictorial representation of our battiness.  As you can tell from one or two of the images, we do–very occasionally–switch.  Aside from that, we’re just fucking twisted.

From various places on the Internetzwebs.  And if you have an objection to any of it, just remember: “Quiet or Papa Spank!!”

I was noodling around tonight, looking for some new books to read, when my eye fell on the “active discussion in related forums” list at the bottom of my page.  (Seriously, I have no idea what this is.  The internet has so many weird features these days that I can’t keep up.  Who is using Amazon as a BBS, and why?)

Anyway, the title of the discussion was “Is spanking a lovable or harmful form of disipline?“, and according to the helpful statistics in the sidebar, during the half hour the discussion had been going on, it had garnered 6,000 replies.  My goodness! I thought.  First Amazon decides to sell sex toys, and the next thing you know, people are discussing Domestic Discipline on its forums.  What next?! I clicked on the discussion to discover as-yet-unimagined pros and cons of spanking.


Um.  More perceptive readers will probably have already guessed that the discussion was about whether or not to spank one’s children.  (I probably didn’t pick up on that debate because I take it for granted that the answer is no–at least, not unless one’s children are on the verge of swallowing a gallon of poison as a practical “joke”.)

I’d be tempted to say that that’s all you can find about kink at what the New York Times has called “the world’s general store” . . . but it wouldn’t be true.  You and I know better, don’t we?

Cartoon by the epically perverse Martin van Maele; work and other scant information here, here, here, and here.

Apologies, I’ve dropped the ball around here of late. Mostly I’ve been busy getting cranky angry at things I’ve read elsewhere, whether personal, political, or sexual.

Luckily Eileen recently linked to a picture that summed my recent behavior up for me:

At xkcd.