Contrary to my expectations, I had a terrific time visiting Robbie.  We got along really well–only one small tiff, by my count, probably more by his–and I really enjoyed his company.  I’m going to go see him again in another week, and I’m looking forward to it.  More about that soon.

One of the good things about this visit was that I got to show him one of my two new corsets.  They are really beautiful–so beautiful I’m almost scared to wear them–and the one I’ve gotten enough nerve to put on looks great on me.

I put it on for Robbie and he was salaciously appreciative.  He enjoyed me and my corset most thoroughly.  The next day,  I put it on again and came downstairs for breakfast, feeling more than a little embarrassed at being hugely overdressed for a country house at 10am on a Saturday.

I needn’t have been embarrassed.  As soon as he saw me, he literally did a double-take.  The last time I saw him do that while looking at me was about 3 years ago, when I came down for dinner on his birthday in a long skirt, silk shirt, and stockings with garters.  (Apparently, he later managed to convey to me, he can perceive garters under my skirts at an almost instinctual level.)

It was good to see him gazing at me like that again.  It’s nice to feel valued in his eyes.

No big point here–I’m just warming up to start posting again.

Photo by and of the talented Katie West of Avolare.