I’ve been blog-surfing, crankily and fitfully, the last couple of days.  My favorite writers are posting nothing–not even junk.  I’d be grateful for a crumb of gossip, a modicum of smut, a dram of sadism.

I finally decided to get back at them in the most adult way possible–by posting something myself.  Of course, despite the time I have to click and re-click on 20 blogs before breakfast, I have “no time” to write here.  So I have nothing clever to say in this post, or, perhaps more accurately, I have many clever things, but still not enough time to say them.

I did have time, though, on this occasion, to find a picture.  Many, actually.


Sexy, slutty stuff by Warwick Saint, thanks to Unscathed Corpse.

I might even post something else before the night is over.  Who knows?!  The winds of change are blowing. Oh yes.