I have a ton of things to say and no time to say them; I have a window of four hours between now and when I have to get up to travel, so I am going to preview what I would post about and might post about–especially if I could stop time like the hero in Nicholson Baker’s quasi-pornographic The Fermata.

– I’m tired. (Okay not a good post topic, just trivia; warming up here.)

– I’m getting myself a corset!!!!!!  I think.

– I’m going to see Robbie soon! . . . I’m pretty sure.

– If we see each other he is going to beat my ass until it’s rosy, and keep it that way (a promise).

– I actually found a vibrator that works–as in, makes me cum.  (More about that when I’ve shown it to Robbie; right now it’s a top secret surprise, shhhhh.)

– Robbie is more social than I am.  This is something that deserves some thought, or not.

– I like Eartha Kitt, and I’m sad she’s dead.

– I’m horny.

– I found some neat new places to find e-cards; I’ll post links to them soon.

– I need to finish that post I promised Robbie about Thanksgiving.  There was lots more ropeplay, and I owe descriptions of it, especially since we’re planning more soon and I’m never going to keep up at this rate.

I think that’s about all I can think of.  Oh yeah, there is a recurring fantasy I wanted to write about, something involving a beach in Mexico and a bottle of massage oil . . . well, maybe there is time for just a quickie . . .

Pin-up pic of Jessie With Bubbles, by Sol Lang.  Via pinkmilk.