There is a lovely photo essay in the New York Times this weekend about the Muxe of Mexico–men who live as women in a quite traditional society.  It seemed a little too bougainvillea and embroidery to me–I have a hunch that life for the people documented may well be more difficult than the author portrays.

But what shone through most clearly in the article was how loved and accepted the Muxe are, by their families at least.  Carmelo Lopez Bernal is 13, and beautiful.


The wonderful thing is that his grandmother thinks so, too: “I feel normal about it, it is how God sent him, and I love him even though he isn’t a woman.”

Rosa Taledo Vincente’s parents say the same thing: “It was God who sent him and why would I reject him? He helps his mother very much. Why would I get mad? God sent him for both of us. Why would I get mad?”