I seem to be writing only about love lately, and lots about it. I promise I have some smut stored up in draft form that I will let issue forth soon. I also have something of my own to say about great loves. But just this moment I came across someone who said some of the things I have been trying to articulate, and so I post a quote:

“The Great Loves in your life will likely be people who keep challenging you long after you initially do not want to be challenged.

The Great Loves in your life will not likely be the people you find who are willing to accept and love you just the way you are. People who accept you “just the way you are” are delightful to have around, and they can be great companions. But great love involves frequent adaptations and improvements, and I estimate that no one, male or female, comes into a long term relationship with all the social skills they will need.

Being a considerate person is about existing in a state of consistently becoming – becoming something “better,” something “more.”

If you want the great love of your life to simply be someone who accepts you with all of your faults, then I wish you well. Honestly, that may be exactly what you need. I sincerely hope you get what you are looking for. You know yourself best, and know what you need possibly better than anyone else might.

But you may find someday you want to be a part of a different kind of love relationship, one that involves regular evaluations, communication of criticisms, and hard changes.

Great love will lead you to move mountains – and most of the mountains you will move will be inside of you.”

~ by OneMoreOption at Sexuality in the Arts.