Things have been quiet here because there has been lots going on with me and Robbie in real life. We are doing that communication thing; what’s more, we’re doing it really well. This is thrilling but also a little surreal; we’re doing it so consciously that it’s as if we’ve moved to another level of relating. Here’s something I read the other day over at Sex Geek that puts it better than I could.

[T]he degree of deliberate, explicit and concerted effort that I put into my D/s relationships is way beyond anything else I’ve ever experienced in a non-D/s context. It’s actually an enormous amount of work. The payoff happens to be spectacular and it is to my taste—I wouldn’t be willing to invest this amount of myself if it weren’t, and I can totally see how if the payoff wasn’t your thing, this type of relationship would hold no real allure.

(Go read the whole post; I think it’s worth it, and so does Joscelin Verreuil, who is the one I heard about it from. Thanks Jos!)

At any rate, Robbie and I are talking to each other in deep detail about our fantasies of late. The desires are not new–what has changed is the willingness to listen, to believe, to refrain from judging, and to help the other person live out dreams.

And the result is the deepening of intimacy already far more intense than any I have ever felt.

(He likes to pull my lips, and stick his fingers in my mouth, and explore it, as if he owned all of me. Which he does. And that is how I sense and comprehend his ownership of me.)