Why don’t we have a word for that mix of pain and pleasure, that exquisite dance along the edge, when it’s almost impossible to distinguish them, and you don’t really want to try? Or when they mix, sublimely, in just the right proportions, the way sugar and citrus do on a hot day? Or when you are left shimmering between the two, first the pain, then the pleasure, as your Dominant watches, fascinated, to see your reactions, and you sit, enraptured or intent, wondering what is coming next?

My thesaurus says pain and pleasure are antonyms, but it also suggests, for pain, words like throb, ache, thrill, intensity, tenderness, flame, spur, trigger . . . all words with double connotations. Provocative words.

How do pain and pleasure mix for you? And what would you call the feeling that results?

Images via Darker Sights and Sounds, one of my favorite places to browse.