That persephone . . . she never ceases to astound. She and her married owners have one of the more interesting relationships I’ve read about, and they are all three of them devilishly inventive. persephone mentioned recently that one of her owners often asks her to give “five adjectives” to describe things that come up in conversation.

I’ve no idea what the actual purpose behind this is, but I suspect it’s a way for her owners to check how she’s doing, what she’s feeling, how she perceives the world. In my limited experience, dominant folk tend to be vastly and insatiably curious about the effect they are having on their subs.

It’s also, I think, a wonderful opportunity for mindfuckery. Which is my favorite, is mindfuckery.

Unfortunately, like a lot of subs, I become virtually incapable of speech whenever anything seriously interesting is going on. But just before or after the major fireworks start–the question might produce some interesting results.

I’m speculating a lot about BDSM dynamics right now because Robbie and I have negotiated to spend a week together. (It really did take us a series of talks that were about as smooth and even as Cold War-era summits.) He’s made it clear that it is going to be an intense week; a challenging week; that he is going to be quite firm. (Intense, challenging, and firm are some of Robbie’s favorite adjectives. Also sore and caring, both of which I think he mentioned somewhere along the way.)

If I were choosing five adjectives to describe the way I feel about what awaits me at Robbie’s house . . . I would choose:






Oh, and lest Robbie read this and think it is yet another attempt to top from the bottom–babe, I could care less whether or not you ask me for five adjectives. I know you get enough of an earful about the way I feel whether you ask or not. Perhaps you’d rather have five adjectives to describe your cock?

See you soon . . .

Thomas Hart Benton’s masterpiece, Persephone, from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Go read about it if you want to know why the old guy’s there.

Edit: This would so not work for me in real-time–I just edited two of the adjectives using a thesaurus.  Sigh.