I am hardly the first person to object to Google’s Blogger: Content Warning messages. But today it occurred to me to wonder who precisely makes it his or her business to spend time objecting to “objectionable” blogs.

Though lots of my favorite blogs have content warning labels, I started thinking about this particular question on this particular day because Shay’s The S Spot just got slapped with that trademark orange-and-blue alert. The S Spot has a ton of patient, down-to-earth advice, easy-to-read reviews, and just general open sexy and fun humor. Shay doesn’t write about torture, breathplay, and blood (not that there’s anything wrong with that)–she really is, as she puts it, Your Friendly Neighborhood Sex Columnist.

Shay understandingly writes that “it is somewhat flattering to be recognised for posting adult material”. I’m certainly quite happy that people have noticed that I have a little adult material here as well; it’s evidence that people who surf the internet are still literate. But I still don’t really understand people who feel it is their job to report adult bloggers to the principal.

So who are these folks? I had no idea the answer was either “the blog author” or “who the fuck knows“. Am I the last person on the planet to learn this? (Viviane or violet, surely, would have been among the first.)

Image from Strange Eros . . . still at large.