I wouldn’t presume to collect all the resources on polyamory out there. Other people have put together websites that have tons of information, and in this case, as in most, google is your friend.

However, I did run across something the other day that I wish I had read about 18 months ago, before Robbie and I started to get involved in what we persist in calling “the others stuff”. We (meaning I) couldn’t decide if we (I) wanted to have relationships or flings, to be with men, women, couples, or moresomes, to play separately or together . . . and every step of the way was an opportunity for confusion, miscommunication, and hurt feelings.

I feel much better about this issue now, in part because things are going well between us and I don’t feel insecure; in part because, looking back on what we’ve done, he’s actually played things safe and that gives me confidence in him; and in part because I now have read this: a list of practical monogamy tips from the folks over at freaksexual. This couldn’t be a better list of things to discuss–it’s a list of things you should think about, but might not.

If you are just dipping your toes into the topic, I’d suggest you start here, here, here, here, and all the places those places link to, in addition to buying your very own copy of the Ethical Slut. Happy reading!

Above: party people are part of a panoramic pic by Will Pearson

Edit: Robbie reminded me about Tristan Taormino’s Opening Up–the book and the website.  One of the very best places to start.