“When we’re in bed,” I say, “I feel like I’ve know you for three thousand years.”

“I know,” he says. His voice is rich, loving. Then it turns flip. “But what are you gonna do with that?”

“What do you mean?” I say. (I think: Base my life plans on it.)

“Oh, you know, clearly, we’ve been through all kinds of incarnations together and we have the fucking thing down. It’s the rest of it we need to work on.”

He has an excellent point.

“There are supposed to be 1600 iterations of the spirit,” he says. “Next time I figure I’ll come back as a cricket or a duck, something kind of easy, low-key.”

I’m thinking, next time I’ll come back as whatever he is and try this again, until we get the rest of it right, too.

Naayika, the Heroine” by Jamini Roy.