WordPress is seriously pissing me off.

Norbert Marshall

And not in the “you-bastard-I-can’t-believe-you-did-this-and-it-feels-this-good” kind of way.

The site made changes to its global dashboard a couple of weeks ago, which was basically fine and no big deal, until it was. While my home computer seemed to handle the changeover fairly well, my laptop is older and more frail, and it is the only computer I have available when I visit Robbie. In the face of WordPress’s changes, my laptop threw up its hands and refused to talk to WordPress.com in any intelligible fashion. The last post, which was supposed to be a light, blowsy, off-the-cuff bit of fluff, has taken me four, count them F-O-U-R (4) four days to finish.

Meanwhile, I am bitchy and itchy and witchy from wanting to be writing and expressing my damn self. Chiefly, I’d like to be expressing the joy, glee, and satisfaction in my heart (yeah, right) for the wild, crazy, kinky, best-evah sex Robbie and I have been having the last few days.

Writing is its own kind of release for me and has been for many years. Writing is how I process my life and understand my feelings. It’s how I figure out what I want. Most of all though it’s the main things–like good conversation and a sound night’s sleep, cuddles with animals or loving words–that I count on to keep me on an even keel. And without a decent keyboard and a blank page or screen–I’m nasty.

Nasty and Bitchy

So, three hours into my afternoon-quiet-time, I should be well on my way towards describing Saturday’s Japanese girl-serving-sake-before-sucking-toe scene, and what I learned from it. But no. I’m typing, then erasing, then re-typing <a><span><strong> into my .html editor, without actually knowing what that means. And that’s so not even nearly sexy I can’t stand it.

(Heh. Yay. I snuck this little post in while I was updating my version of Java. Take that, WordPrat. Now I’m logging off to go greet Robbie with a perky beer and perkier nipples.)

The “you-bastard-I-can’t-believe-you-did-this-and-it-feels-this-good” picture from the work of Norbert Marshall, via kinkerbelle.

And the kick-boxing beauty from the always intriguing portfolio of T-Omex.

Edit: *$%(#$&!!! The links in the post below STILL aren’t working, I’m still fed up, and I’m still going to go attend to my Master. So there. Pictures and links for this post sometime after I get or give head.