We have a celebration coming up. A big one. I’ll be writing more about it soon . . . it’s an anniversary of several kinds.

So I asked him last night. “I’m trying to prepare something special. Which would you rather have . . .

” . . . a French Maid . . . “

From Ellen von Unwerth\'s Revenge Series

” . . . or a Japanese serving girl offering sake?”

Maid with Sake Flask

I could hear the wolfish smile on the other end of the phone and his voice came back smooth as butter, the way it is when he has something really fiendish in mind for me, something that is going to make my input basically irrelevant. “Mmm . . . you choose.”

Uh, okay. Er, maid then. The French kind. No, the Japanese kind . . . no, wait . . .

(Photo by Ellen von Unwerth, found via a tip from Gloria Brame . . . woodblock print by Ando Hiroshige, c. 1850, found via google.)