Talk about conditioning.

I was walking out of my office Friday when I passed a group of people working on some kind of performance-art-dance-theatre-thingy.

Before I could even really figure out what they were doing, I felt a lurch in my stomach and a twitch in my cunt. I felt a surge of “ooh that’s kinky”! I felt . . . naughty.

I looked more closely. They were doing some sort of hop-scotch thing over poles, like double-Dutch, but different. It turns out (thank the Google) that what I saw was Tinikling, a Filippino dance performed by stepping over and between bamboo poles that hit the ground with percussive force.

What apparently got me all juicy were the bamboo poles. They look a lot like rattan . . .

Carved Rattan

. . . so for a second I thought I must be reminded of our rattan cane. But then I realized that shibari often uses bamboo poles.



Photograph by Ludovico Goubet, whose portfolio is here.