Sometimes when I am roaming around the wide, wide world through my brand spankin‘ new, shiny computer screen, I am arrested by an imagination that I recognize.

Not mine. My lover’s.

David Chan Dark Erotic Arch

I literally shiver when I see images of things I know he adores. I have had to do a reality check, once or twice, to remind myself that I really don’t think he has a blog about his previous sexual submissives. I don’t think.

David Chan Dark Erotic Gag

If there are doubles of my lover out there, David Chan might be one . . . His photography is as gritty and dark as some of my Dom’s fantasies. And in these photographs I can imagine what my lover sees when he describes me chained, bound, gagged, drooling, in pain, fucked or being fucked by another woman or man. I can see the beauty in that, even if I fear it at times when he’s whispering his demonic dreams in my ear.

Dark Erotic Art by David Chan

How wonderously frightening, awe-ful and beauty-ful, to start to understand another person in that way. We can’t figure everything out or make sense of everything with our minds, as he constantly reminds me . . . but the mind will yammer away at things, and press us for answers.

I am not aroused by inflicting pain on people, but I can glimpse what he gets out of it, and that helps, enormously.

Dark Erotic Art by David Chan, found through Jane’s Guide.