Parts of this weekend were incandescent. In the midst of some dull, difficult, sad days, there were the times he smiled and the room exploded into light.


Sometimes he smiled at me. Sometimes he smiled at his family. Sometimes he smiled just because. I had forgotten how much sunshine he can bring into my life with just his smile.

More and more, he is my friend in every way I can name. The person I laugh with, the person I tell my secrets to, the person I go to bed with, the person I tell about the other people I want to go to bed with, the one I argue with and dream with–and it’s all there.

I don’t know what he gets out of it. I just know I get to see him, smiling, lit up, and those moments are worth it.

And yes, this is a sappy post. We are in love, and sometimes, it’s nice to just bask in it–it’s been a long cold lonely winter.

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