We are going to be together this weekend after uncountable days apart. (I could literally count them, but I would rather hustle my ass up to see him.)

Cadillac Ladies Love to . . .The drive to where he lives is long. I now have my own rickety car and can do it with some comfort and regularity. The upside of this is that I control my schedule, I leave when I want to, and I have more fun on the road than when I take public transportation.

The downside is that he doesn’t have to come pick me up at an airport, bus, or train station.

I love the feeling of anticipation before I’m going to see him out in public–doing my makeup, fluffing my hair, ducking into the nearest bathroom to remove those forbidden panties. And it’s always a thrill to see him in public when we’re dying to fuck . . . makes things more interesting, natch.

Lately, when I arrive at his house, there is a long leadtime before anyone inside stirs. That’s okay, good even–it makes me feel like I’m home and it’s not a huge deal that I’ve arrived. It’s less fuss and bother . . . I can settle in without there being some big production. And it’s rarely long before he has me on my knees, if only for a few moments, just as a kind of “Hey, I’m on top and you’re the designated cocksucker here,” greeting (I usually get a kiss too–or at least a tug on my nipple. 😉 )

But I do miss driving back from stations and airports with him. I miss giving blowjobs in cars. You know you are a sub, don’t you, when all you can think about is whether you will get lucky enough to be allowed to give your boyfriend a blowjob in the car the next time you see him???

Yeah. I think that means you are a sub. Anyway, I think I am, and right now I am very much looking forward to being put in my place.

Enjoy the weekend . . . I will.

A Cadillac advertisement from 1963.