At distance, we find many ways to keep in touch. Postcards help–but who can wait for the mail? Herewith a mini-guide to the world of adult e-cards.

Help with a corset

He especially likes to shower me with cards–he cares enough to send the very twisted. His favorite source is Kinky Cards . . . They have dozens, including lots of seasonal ones. The pictures are so-so but the variety is great, and the messages are short and to the point. He in particular takes unutterable joy in punning on the cards’ text, so Kinky Cards gives him good scope for play.

Rosy Bottom’s spanking cards are a new find (thanks to the unstoppable kinkerbelle) . . . Their card service was down for a while–my guess is they were peeling it off from their excellent spanking and bondage toy store–but is now back up, offering an even more bottom-warming selection of pin-up style cards. You can also add all sorts of sweetsie emoticons to these babies, so if you like sugar and spice and everything nice, these are for you.


I confess that in a pinch, I resort to Hallmark–but I’m not selling them as the best source of smut. You can however design your own card at Hallmark–as well as at a number of other sites, perverted and non-. Often you have to pay for the privilege of doing so (as if you couldn’t just use your own computer to paste some luscious pics into a message . . . )–but occasionally you can exercise your creativity, within limits, for free. The Fetish Club gives quite a few options for customizing its kink, and I send their cards; ditto for the similarly kinky Wasteland Kinky Cards. NawtyCards gives so many customization options I got nauseous looking at all my choices.

Lastly, for good vintage or artistic erotica, try RetroRaunch or Amea–both have good though small, static collections. For more variety, go to JennyCards–the site offers customized postcards with lots of free porn, which we all know is otherwise impossible to find on the Hinternet.

Vintage Postcard via the Long Island Staylace Association . . .