Things I hate: When people don’t write things on their blogs. If I bookmark you, I want a little love. (Then again, I’m still too leery of this newfangled “internet” thing to subscribe to any feeds, so I suppose it’s my own fault.)

Things I love: My lover. Did I mention that? We have a play party to go to tonight and I am a little nervous, because I always am before socializing with other mammals. My nervousness is showing up in undue anxiety about the size of my tummy (which is, I admit, considerable at the moment, bloatedly premenstrual as it is). I whined about all of this, and he shot back, “Too bad, I guess you wish you had a corset now!” Sheesh.

Not the Actual Skirt or the Actual MeBut he sent me not one but two sweet emails about what I wanted to wear . . . he is very eager to make play events fun and comfortable for me, I know. And I was all in a froth about it until I found in an odd corner of my closet a lacy skirt I bought on a whim a couple of weeks ago–it will look great at the party and I can wear it to a meeting on Monday. Perfect. After all, clothes are pervertible, too.