Look, you might as well not read this. Go take Sage Vivant’s Erotic Personality Test, then come back, and start over. It’s fun. Kinda. And really, you’ll save both of us a lot of trouble–me trying to describe what I mean and you trying to understand it.

‘Kay, thanks, welcome back. So, unsurprisingly to all who know me in real life, it turns out that my sexual type is “the student.” I’m a massive dork. I spent 24 years in school and kicked and screamed about having to leave. In many ways I’m still in school, and given a zillion dollars and no other responsibilities, I’d probably go back. I. Love. To Learn.

So, yeah, I love to learn about sex, too.

The Student

Little burbles come when I inflict my new found idea-toys on other people. I’ll happily puzzle through the complicatedness of the world and of all I’ve read and studied about it . . . for days.

He likes to act.

** I started this post about something else entirely . . . in this case, kaya’s ongoing brilliance . . . and can’t now meander my way back to the beginning. Ah well. I’ll make it a series, and we’ll all live. **